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We Sri Salasar Packing Industries are recognized as famous Manufacturer of Adhesive Tape and supplier of high performance pressure sensitive BOPP adhesive tapes in Hyderabad, India.Products offered are highly valued in the market owing to quality. Products offered are designed with the help of skilled professionals at well-established units. These professionals have immense knowledge in their respective technology. Our brand Rich Grip is known for its quality and innovation which includes a Vibrant assortment of wide range of Adhesive Tape.

Our products include BOPP packing tapes, BOPP jumbo rolls, printed packing tapes, adhesive duct tapes, foam tapes, double-sided tapes, super clear tapes. RichGrip high-strength bonding tapes are designed to consistently attach and hold to fabric, plastic, vinyl and film, wood, metal, paperboard etc.

By keeping track with the modern trends, we are bringing forward a wide series of Self Adhesive Packing BOPP Tape to our valued customers.

BOPP – Biaxial-Oriented Polypropylene

This material is what packing tape is usually made of, and it is a thermoplastic polymer, meaning it is pliable above a certain temperature and also returns to a solid state after it cools down. BOPP is a type of polypropylene and does great not only in packing tape, but also for labels, stickers, textiles, and many different types of plastic parts and materials. Its strength and

durability make it the perfect material for these items, as well as many others.